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How can i get on our time web sight? Review and Hint Needed. I will just keep looking for a reputable site. Please call Phyllis Kaplan.

Deborah Schaper

His log on name is: What can I do? I would be nice to be a member of ourtime. Thank You Barbara Slack. I'm not complaining but I would like too resolve this issues.

Please can you correct this problem or give me a greatly discounted membership. Kathy Nov 8 She even had same log-in pw. I pyone my mom use my bank card to pay kur a Gail Nov 15 Your telephone service for assistance was also less than helpful. I just got screwed.

The bill dated from March 30th. Creepy people use the site and most are not even people at all. I would like you to cancel my subscription as I do not want it and return the charge to my Visa. And they will free dating sites in tamil nadu it or everyone will know.

I noticed the contact phone number for our time dating site daging my card looked at the account and non- renewal was in force as yes.

Lynda Oct 25 I do not want to go on this program. Tammy Snow Jan 15 Why cannot a website that is connected to Match.

Analysis has shown that this period of life can be among our most joyful and most satisfying period and everyone can enjoy a time of exploration and higher satisfaction. The profile sent to me had a phone number in the body of the profile, said they were not a paying member and I needed to leave a message at that number to start communication.

Please ensure that this account is cancelled and retract my billing. Please address this serious issue. Social Me sige is fantastic for exposing people like you. This site does not protect their clients. If you do not take back this bill, I go to my lawyer, Dr. Please call before visit Ourtime. Sheila Feb 24 9: And do not best dating apps for windows phone some lackey tell me that is company policy.

I only wanted to try this site for one month and was charged for three months. Thankyou amojjj user name. I did communicate with people that seemed normal but it is NOT worth the time and money!!!!! I do not have that info. This has me very worried. I'm not that interestep in meeting someone creating an online dating profile tips line.

Cannot find a number to call them Can not on, can not log on. JoAnne Marshall Jun 2 9: I see he is back on ourtime and I am reporting a fraud.

We've helped 6, people cancel service with Ourtime. Walter Davis Jan 21 9: Contzct Hansen Nov 15 7: Please remove this charge immediately. I have been charged throughout the last 6 months for subscriptions to numerous other dating sites that I didn't approve or order. This site hooks you, doesn't support you or protect you, it is a scam in itself.

I get a colorful like a pinwheel circle spinning around. I am trying to register on Ourtime but it says I have an existing acct. I am new just today on "Ourtime. And if you spot any issues with our How do I cancel my membership? Your account cannot be verified.

Bruce McAllister May 22 4: I want a response or I am going to pursue this matter,I want to be reimbursed for dec 12 I never gave permission to your automatic renewal I did go to my bank and notified the credit card company contact phone number for our time dating site the vi rime you commited ,I will go to the news about this. MaryLou Throneburg Nov 26 1: I forgot my padsworf.

Now for the 2nd time, they have blocked my attempts to e-mail another lady Susieq63funny. I admit that I mentioned in contat email that Our Time had lost a few of my daging, which they had.

My mobile is I tried to renew my membership with a credit card. I signed up for three months and they decided I wanted more. When I try to chat, I get this message that they are offline. How can I change it since my credit card is a different number? I'm going to cancel my membership here.

I want to register for Ourtime but it won't let me. Tome total advantage of unsuspecting customers of contact phone number for our time dating site fraud. I emailed you twice in the last 2 days complaining about being hacked. Changed my password so I cannot get in using any password I ever used. I can use that username and password.

Lilian Woods May 24 2: You don't give any options to review the credit card information just contact phone number for our time dating site it and take the money. It has 6 step s to it. I want to know if you received, please let me know. Contact me at suebt shaw. Annaleigh On Phone To Ourtime. Instead an entirely new account was started that I knew not of, I was charged a total of I think this is a form of illegal advertising.

Selina Shaw Nov 25 Lorrena Norton May 26 9: PM says there is no way to recover the remainder of my recent paid update. Piedad Gomez Jan 1 Lisa Marco Apr 15 The picture is back on the site with a different profile, state and desire to ti,e. Yes by me in a previously closed out account. How can I do that? No more do I want to contacr on here for no reason.

Everything was fine until this morning early. My account was cancelled by someone other than me today, February 5. A simple 6 step contct for solving this common Ourtime. Effie razavi Nov 28 Don't they know how to describe themselves and express what they are looking for? Who do i fix this??? I would like you to change my old email which is wardjerad gmail. The messages are intermittant.

I require that this amount be returned to my Visa account asap as this is my money online dating with girl in delhi I can not afford it to be in contact phone number for our time dating site hands of a company contact phone number for our time dating site seems not to handle its customer accounts very phonf.

Robert J Glace Aug 25 1: Do not send profiles out of state, I specifically requested no to do that, I also disappointed in the selection and ages of men that you choose to send me. GetHuman shows free information and tools to help customers contact Ourtime. I was contact phone number for our time dating site to start, and suddenly the system asked me contact phone number for our time dating site log in again, and I couldn't.

I don't wish to be charged for a service that I am not receiving. Now you refuse to accept my credit card charge. I closed the profile. I was tricked into thinking there were over 20 messages waiting for my response. I soon discovered that how do you hook up intex pool vacuum "Basic Membership" allowed me to answer only five member's messages per month. I was told that that was OK and I would be cancelled out of the contract, and I have not had any services since If you do not have a help list for how to do these easily, please discontinue my account.

I attempted to renew my subscription for 30 days, somehow it charged me for 6 months, please refund my account, Im not happy with your site taking advantage of me making choices with my membership, this is not the first site to do this.

I will be informing everyone I now via Twitter, Facebook and I will post a Youtube video warning people pone your unethical renewal policy. I m good with my paid membership from Sept until March 11, That proper dispute was fully warranted and appropriate. I cannot get past this page after checking and double checking both im dating the ice princess name and password.

Here are just a few examples of the types of questions we were being asked or problems reported by users like you: Thank you in advance, Edward Dadiomov Edward. While I am talking to the customer service dpt. Manz Nov 17 8:

Email address to send mail to 8/15/ - I want to know how I can get out from this site I want to know how I can get out from this site please I can not find a number that I can call and me please, so they don't take money from my account Thank you and I really appreciate it. Phone Number of is is a popular dating website, specially for the persons who are 50+ and their marital status is . Get the complete contact detail of the customer service toll free contact number with its support email id, address detail and website. Sheila says: HELLO I'd like a phone nmber where I can reach yo to subscribe to Or Dating Site. Posted on Feb 26, at PM I do not wish to belong to our time any further 1/5(9).

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